Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q:   Is there a sibling policy for getting into FAIR School Crystal (FSC)?
My child attends the FSD Elementary Program, do they automatically get into FSC?
How long will the lottery process for FAIR admissions continue?

A: The Robbinsdale school board will be developing an entrance policy for FAIR School Crystal this fall / winter to be implemented for next school year.  Provisions for sibling preference, students attending FSD K-3 and a lottery process will be considered for inclusion in the policy.

Q:   Will non-Robbinsdale families be allowed to enroll at Armstrong and Cooper?  
What is the process?

A: Yes, students will be allowed to transfer to Armstrong or Cooper from FAIR 8th grade.  If they desire to transfer, the family will complete an application (available October of their 8th grade year).  Non-resident students attending FAIR school would be given priority in policy as a currently-enrolled non-resident student requesting transfer to a school of their choice.

Q: If my child attends FAIR School Crystal, do they automatically get into FAIR School Downtown (high school)?

A: Since FAIR School Downtown is now a Minneapolis Public School, future entrance criteria and policy would be determined by the Minneapolis School District.  We will communicate any information we receive from them regarding this issue.

Q:   How long will FAIR School Crystal Program be located at the 3915 Adair Avenue location?

A: FAIR School Crystal was conveyed to the district by the State of Minnesota for indefinite operation of a multidistrict integration facility serving students in any grade.

Q:   Where will my child attend school after the move from the Adair location?

A: FAIR K-3 would be operating in a separate facility (Pilgrim Lane).  In this variation the FAIR middle school would remain at Crystal.

Q:   Will the three magnet programs intermingle at all during the school day?

A: Although separate magnet programs and their core will be separate and magnet-themed, we believe that the students would intermingle for some allied arts classes.  Exact details of all the Sandburg magnet program components are yet to be determined but we plan to keep the integrity of the FAIR middle school intact.  We believe that there are additional rich opportunities for collaboration between FAIR middle school students and the other magnet programs.  For example we believe that the FAIR middle program will benefit from the STEM resources that will be located in the school.  We also believe that FAIR students will benefit from more co-curricular opportunities that will be present in a larger school setting.


Q:   How long will FAIR Crystal students from the 11 member districts be guaranteed transportation to school?

A: According to the Minnesota Department of Education, the state will continue to fund transportation to students who are enrolled at FAIR Crystal in 2015-2016 through the 2019-2020 school year or until they are no longer enrolled in FAIR.  New students open enrolled from these districts in future years are not guaranteed transportation.

Q:   Where will the 11-member district satellite pick up and drop off locations be? A: Click here to view a list of the stops, and click here to view a map.

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