Robbinsdale Area Schools

SEA Middle Curriculum

Serving 6th grade

SEA Middle is built on the foundation of inquiry and hands-on learning. We pride ourselves on creating an environment of independent, creative thinkers who will make a difference in this world.

From kindergarten to sixth grade, Robbinsdale School of Engineering and Arts, or SEA, offers students a STEAM focus integrated throughout the school day. 

  • Science is a part of everyday learning at SEA, and it takes place both in and outside of the classroom. This direct instruction builds a foundation of knowledge for students to open inquiry and engage their natural sense of wonder. 

  • Technology is a tool and medium students use to consume and produce information. Hardware, software and programming are part of student learning as often as possible, in as many ways as possible, throughout each student’s day. 

  • Engineering plays a role at SEA for both design and invention. We use engineering as a verb where action is required. Our method of instruction encourages creativity, thoughtful planning, critical conversations, mistakes and “almost final” products. 

  • Art exists in all aspects of a SEA student’s day. Our students’ work reflects multiple and various forms of art. 

  • Math, like science, is taught on a spectrum of direct instruction to open inquiry. This helps students master the sequence of understanding, from concrete, to representational, to abstract. SEA students come to understand that math is the language spoken when conducting science, technology, engineering or arts investigations. 

  • Literacy is an essential foundational skill for SEA students. Literacy learning is woven throughout all other content areas; we also teach literacy with a direct focus for explicit instruction and learning.