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FAIR Crystal – Transportation
Per Minnesota statute concerning the Conveyance of FAIR School to the Robbinsdale School District, all students who attended the FAIR program (either campus) in the 2015-2016 school year are eligible for transportation for the duration of their enrollment at FAIR Crystal.  Transportation expense is reimbursable under Minnesota Statute, section 124D.87.

Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, new non-resident families enrolling to FAIR Crystal are not eligible for transportation.

However, if a new family lives in Minneapolis within the existing transportation zone, qualifies for free or reduced lunch and is able to get to an existing bus stop, they would be eligible for transportation to FAIR School just like they do to any of our schools.

A new student who is a sibling of a student who qualifies for transportation under the conveyance statute will also be allowed to ride the bus.

If a family requests transportation to and/or from a daycare location the following rule applies:

The students home address and daycare are both located in the same district, Robbinsdale District will provide transportation to/from the home address or daycare location.  Students must have a consistent pickup Monday through Friday in the AM AND a consistent drop-off Monday through Friday in the PM.  The locations of pickup and drop-off may be a different location AM versus PM, as long as the address is consistent Monday through Friday and be in the same resident district.

AM – Daycare (M-F) OR AM – Home (M-F)
PM – Daycare (M-F) OR PM – Home (M-F)
Transportation will only be provided to a residence, or daycare.  Transportation will not be provided to any extra curricular activities.

Joint Custody
If a family has a joint custody arrangement in which the child resides at multiple addresses the following rule applies.

The addresses can be different AM and PM, but must be within the 11 member districts and must be consistent five days per week.

AM – Parent 1 (M-F) OR AM – Parent 2 (M-F)
PM – Parent 1 (M-F) OR PM – Parent 2 (M-F)

Bus Passes
Bus passes will no longer be provided for students to ride buses that they are not assigned to.  This is due to safety and capacity concerns.

For further information regarding transportation policies and procedures, please see the transportation section of the RAS website.

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