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A Message From the Health Office

A Message From the Health Office

Fall cold, flu, and covid season are upon us!  

Many are wondering what they should do in terms of vaccines.

We found this visual to be helpful. 

A reminder that the district is not distributing any covid tests at this time.

HERE is a link to order free at-home tests.  Minnesotans can order free rapid at-home COVID-19 tests. Every home in Minnesota can order eight tests once a month while supplies last. Even if you have ordered before, you can order again.

HERE is a link to locate testing in your area. 

HERE is a link to check expiration dates on tests you may have at home.  Many test kit expiration dates have been extended. 

Prevention Recommendations:

  • Get vaccinated!
  • Hand hygiene
  • Cough and sneeze etiquette
  • Stay home if you are ill and consider testing

Be Well, 

Nurse Karen & Nurse Sandy

A breakdown of vaccines