Robbinsdale Area Schools

Quarter 1: Parade of Honor

To honor first quarter students who made the honor roll, the Culture and Climate Committee would like to share that they have planned our traditional “Parade of Honor” honoring our recipients (student names will be posted in the locker bay area and on the hallway monitors by Wednesday for student review).   

The “Parade of Honor'' will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 23rd at 2:15 pm. Our Drum Line will lead our honorees through the halls while the other students, teachers/staff and invited guests (i.e. parents, siblings and grandparents) cheer them for their accomplishments.  Here are the details and points to know and remember: 

Points to Remember: 

  • Parents and family members are invited to attend but must check in at the receptionist desk.  Guests may only stay in the upper boat area and wait for students riding home with them in the lobby after the parade.  Guests are to arrive at 2:00pm (please park on Adair Avenue so our buses and van location are not affected).  

  • The drum line will lead the parade starting from the choir room going south, down the stairs through the cafeteria and up the 7th grade stairs (2x).

  • Only authorized students are to travel with the parade participants. All other students should remain with their teacher/class at all times cheering and clapping for the honorees.

  • To capture precious moments, we suggest you have your cell phone camera’s out for some great photos!  

  • Guests, students, and teachers/staff should cheer, cheer often and loudly.  Let’s show our honorees our Dragon Nation Pride!  

  • Honorees will travel the route twice so please stay in place until the parade makes its way back to the staging site the second time around. 

  • Honoree students will report to the cafeteria after the parade for cake.  All non honoree students must be back in their rooms with their teachers immediately after the parade.     


**Please wear FAIR gear and ask your students to  do the same for this event!**