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Where’s the STEAM at FAIR-Crystal?

Where’s the STEAM at FAIR-Crystal?


Teams have been busy collaborating this winter to integrate various content areas with science, technology, engineering, arts, and math!


Seventh Grade has been creating infomercials to ‘sell’ an Amendment. Students learned about each amendment of the Constitution, and then had to create an infomercial with video editing software. Ms. Mahler, our theater teacher, worked with students on blocking, acting, and memorizing lines. Ms. Israelson, our social studies teacher, facilitated learning about each amendment of the Constitution. Check out one of the finished products below!


26th Amendment by Joseph, Sebastian, Erick, and Cooper


All Science classes have been collaborating with Ms. Szymczak, our art teacher. Students learned about propagating various plants such as marigolds, pathos, and succulents. Students planted seeds or cuttings, discussed the life cycle of the seed, determined plant needs and observed growth patterns. They then learned about indigenous pottery techniques and created clay planters to house their propagated plants. Check out some photos of the process below!


Science and Art Photos

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